Simultaneous Engineering

Simultaneous engineering is part of the time-based management approach. It is a project management approach that helps firms develop and launch new products more quickly. All of the areas involved in a project are planned together. Everything is considered simultaneously (together, in parallel) rather than separately (in series).

Product teams are set up to include people in all areas that are relevant to the new product – design, development, production, marketing etc. Suppliers are involved in the new product development so that potential delays in resourcing of raw materials, components and services can be anticipated and avoided a teamwork approach is used, with all areas involved in the project working on the project at the same time.

Yeshwant Industries tooling and assembly engineers partner with customers in the design phase to shorten product development time. This Simultaneous Engineering process includes:

  • Prototype support
  • Evaluations and feasibility
  • Cross-functional team
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